ConverGene is a small molecule discovery company leveraging rational drug design.

Our mission is to develop therapeutics with novel mechanisms of action for cancer patients with limited or no treatment options.


BET proteins are well known cancer targets and inhibitors are known to synergize with multiple classes of drugs
Many BET inhibitors are currently in clinical trials, but none have been approved to date
Antagonizing DRD2 in animal models inhibits proliferation and induces cell death in many solid and liquid tumors


  • ConverGene has identified novel dual-active inhibitors of both BET bromodomains and DRD2
  • Our proprietary compounds simultaneously target both BET and DRD2, utilizing a unique mechanism of action
  • Attacking two pathways at the same time limits the development of resistance, enabling a truly novel and durable cancer therapy.
  • ConverGene has a pipeline of small-molecule drugs under development to become cancer therapies, some of which are available for partnering.


ConverGene was founded in 2011 after a think tank comprised of six leaders in the fields of genomics and personalized medicine came to the realization that BET proteins could be the key to epigenetic control of MYC. The group decided to focus their deep medicinal chemistry expertise on the discovery of novel small molecules that would represent an alternative to the common benzodiazepine core molecules. We have evaluated thousands of molecules and have chosen a few of the most promising as clinical candidates based on improved cancer efficacy and lower side effects in our pre-clinical animal models.

All of our initial leaders from 2011 are believers in our core technology and approach. They remain an integral part of ConverGene as Founders, members of our Management Leadership or members of the Scientific Advisory Board.

Licensing and Partnership Opportunities

ConverGene has opportunities to realize significant early value inflection points through strategic licensing of our drug candidates, given the innovative nature of the compounds, which address major cancer pathways that have not been successfully drugged to date.

ConverGene is seeking partnerships with companies that are interested in either in-licensing a program or jointly developing a program.